ABCrule,What Should Strugglers Do“Speaking of”?

    How to speak out,Attract people?ABCrule:AIt's something you can take out,BIt's me,CSomeone who needs to be convinced。Everyone in contemporary times is learning,Be sure to have it in your heartABhaveATo persuadeC

    “Speaking ofIt is a very important skill。Speaking ofJust understand,Speak up,Bring people in,Close your heart,Get the money back!Enthusiastic work,Diligent work!

    Struggler'sChemical sales,Marketing based on culture,Convincing customers with culture;The Co operation of Strugglers,It's an emotional connection,Communication and collaboration,Conveying thoughts through language,Convey the truth,Reaching consensus with partners,Intimate cooperation;Development of the Struggler Team,Needed for self injection、Mutual needle、Group needle,The Yan'an Rectification Movement, which put forward suggestions, also needsSpeaking of

    ABCrule,It is an effective persuasive method,Can help us better understand and applySpeaking ofARepresents what you can bring out,This can be a product、service、experience、Skills, etc。Only by understanding the resources one has,And make the most of it,To establish in modern business competitionMoat。for example,In the process of chemical sales,ALI.KGCulture、Brand reputation、Technical advantages、Emotional value experiential services can becomeALI.KGThe added value of the product,Its characteristics and advantages。BRepresenting oneself,That is to say,The value of products in the hearts of new customers、Opportunities for collaborative collaboration with partners,It often depends on the professionalism and spirit reflected by the striver。Do and love each other,Only genuine love can infect people,Engaging in the cause of great health requires a serious attitude、Professional knowledge and skills,doALI.KGcareer,More need to have a deep understanding of culture。Speaking ofIt's about striving for culture、After a deep understanding of products and so on,Able to accurately express,Transfer positive energy to customers、partner。The more professional we are、very experienced、Cultural Confidence,The easier it is to win the recognition and trust of customers and partners,Can make customers willing to believe our proposed suggestions or solutions,Can better facilitate collaboration among team partners。CThe representative needs us to goSpeaking ofPeople of,Possible customer、Partners, etc。When communicating with customers,Be attentive to providing services,Understand the needs and interests of the other party,Truly considerate of customers,Convey our thoughts,Find suitable ways to meet customer needs。When communicating with team partners,Feel with your heart,Under the same belief and goal,Seeking common ground while reserving differences,Reaching consensus。

    ABCThe key to the law lies in having in mindA。This is an era of continuous growth,Strugglers inALI.KGIn this school,Need to delve into cultural learning,Improve one's professional knowledge and skills;To maintain self breakthrough,Changing habitual thinking and practices,To continuously create long-term value,Strengthen collaborative links,Maximizing the value of team resources。meanwhile,BhaveATo persuadeC。Persist in learning and training,Can achieve growth。The continuous growth of strivers will promote team development,WhenALI.KGThis platform is getting better and better,Individuals will have access to more resources,Personal abilities and values will also improve。When individuals and platforms form a two-way empowerment loop,We will becomeRight to speakPeople of,letSpeaking ofMore valuable。

    KnowingandachieveThere are still 108000 miles left between them,One more thing to goSpeaking of

however,Can we make it clear?Can you explain it clearly?Can it spread?Able to retell、Can you convey it?IfsayNot good,Definitely not doing well,It's unlikely to affect more people working with us!The current era is about attracting success,Not pursuing success。adoptABCrule,We can better understand howSpeaking of,And improve one's abilities through continuous learning,Further improve oursayAbility。

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