ALI.KG-Leading a new lifestyle in the field of health!

ALI.KGyesKyrgyz Eurasian Economic Development UnionIts social e-commerce platform,Adhere toFocus on social e-commerce!Focus on the field of healthOur mission,Provide consumers with globally selected products for great health and daily necessities。

ALI.KGIntelligencealphaThe system conducts multi-dimensional analysis on user Health data,Combining user consumption habits and usage scenarios,Provide exclusive big health solutions for each user。

ALI.KGNew business model reshapes Relations of production,Assist healthy enterprises in industrial upgrading,In order to achieveLeading a New Lifestyle,Empowering the transformation of consumer industries,Creating a Happy Lifestyle for More Users。

Four major product advantages are coming with shock!

①Product advantages-More focused

Product upgrade,Focus on China Time-honored Brand、Landmark assisted agricultural products、Cross border import of health products、Patented with stronger efficacy,Complementary to the categories in China,Choose more comprehensive and diverse options。

②Product advantages-More professional

Professional Selection Recommendation,Senior Chinese medicine and national Dietitian,Cooperate with strict quality inspection,Create popular internet products。

③Product advantages-More harvest

Self purchase saves more money,Sharing makes more money ,Low threshold,No need to stock up,Any product can earn money,Haolaxin,Exclusive price for newcomers,Low price trial of explosive products。

④Product advantages-More empowering

High quality content,Material provision ,Sharing Simplification,Public domain drainage,Promotion and investment,Tiktok、The Little Red Book、Video ID,Create an account,Live training,Public domain drainage,Private domain conversion。

ALI.KG,Crafty Selection,Wellness and Wellness。

AsKyrgyz Eurasian Economic Development UnionNew upgraded platform for,master7Big Core Advantages。

Advantage One:Strict selection and upgrading of major health categories

ALI.KGIn the core health category,We will adopt more professional and strict selection standards to improve product quality。

By Senior Traditional Chinese Medicine、National Dietitian、Supply Chain Chief Selection Officer Jointly Participate in Selection,Strictly follow the top ten selection standards,Zhenxuan China Time-honored Brand、Landmark assistance to agriculture、Cross border imports and other categories,Select heavy patent research and development、Functional products with strong efficacy experience,Cooperate with multiple procedures for quality control and quality inspection,Ensure high-end quality。 

Advantage 2:More comprehensive product categories

Except for the major health categories,ALI.KGKeeping up with consumer demand,In Beauty Personal Care、Wash and protect your home、Other categories such as smart appliances provide users with a more comprehensive and diverse range of product choices。

Advantage Three:Self purchase, saving money, and returning commission

New revisions through mechanisms,ALI.KGOne click membership upgrade,All partners will be given the original gold medal store price,Buying products is more favorable than before。Simultaneously achieving self purchase and commission refund,Share and earn commission,Three major revenue models for team management bonuses,Achieve revenue improvement goals。

Advantage Four:Low threshold for entrepreneurship

joinALI.KG,Entrepreneurship does not require hoarding,One click sharing of product materials can earn high returns。Low Entrepreneurial Threshold: Creating More Opportunities for Creating Wealth for the Whole People in the Present Era of the New Individual Economy。 

Advantage Five:Companion empowerment makes making money easy

ALI.KGProvide product promotion material support,Precision Grass Planting Consumers;live broadcast+Short video practical training,Don't worry about traffic sales;Improve conversion rate through transaction script skills。Systematic empowerment helps partners quickly obtain more benefits。

Advantage Six:New members can enjoy exclusive discounts upon registration

ALI.KGNew members can register to receive a new coupon,There are also special offers for newcomers in the special area,Enjoy platform subsidies,Unlock the value added product experience,Accelerate the rapid integration of newcomers into the platform,Becoming like-minded entrepreneurial partners。

 Advantage Seven:Popular and Fresh Trial Avoid spending money unjustlyALI.KGMembers enjoy the opportunity to experience hot selling and popular products on the platform at low prices,Free trial waiting for you to unlock,Low threshold for tasting fresh food,Help partners quickly open up the market,Drive revenue growth。

30Annual focus on the field of big health,Explorers and sharers of new health preservation culture——ALI.KG,Looking forward to your joining。

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