Meiyue Shu Gift Box(30ml*30bag)Replenish qi and blood

Meiyue Shu Gift Box(30ml*30bag)Replenish qi and blood

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Shandong Jiuyujiao Food Co., Ltd

Shandong Jiuyujiao Food Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the health industry,Perfect organizational structure of the company,Engaged in food for many years、Special diet、Experience in functional food research and biotechnology development。Baifeng, in conjunction with Shandong Institute of Morphological Medicine, adheres to the principle of“Homologous medicinal and food sources”The concept and“Revitalizing Chinese Dietary Therapy”Our mission is our responsibility,pay attention to“As ancient as new”Original design for dietary therapy,To provide consumers with“Oriental Dietary Therapy New Life”Comprehensive conditioning plan。The company has built a professional modern production workshop,Adopting strict and standardized management mechanisms and scientifically advanced testing methods,Provide consumers with high-quality services、Natural health products,Selecting high-quality raw materials,Absorb well,Safe without side effects,Can be consumed for a long time。

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Meiyue Shu is mainly used to replenish qi、Replenish blood、Blood circulation,Preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems,To nourish the heart、Vascular patency and the body's autism related issues have significant effects。Mainly regulate insufficient qi and blood,Poor blood circulation,Thus achieving the effect of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular symptoms!Can improve sleep、Irritable and irritable、Dry and astringent skin、Cold hands and feet、Insufficient energy、Full body fatigue、Weakness and other issues。


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