Far infrared functional body shaping, sculpting, and connecting skin toneMSize suitable for weight80-100Wearing Explosives M

Shaping and beautifying the body,Promoting microcirculation,develop immunity from disease

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$ 61.02


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$ 2.03
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Zhongjian Guokang(Guangdong)Clothing Co., Ltd

Zhongjian Guokang(Guangdong)Clothing Co., Ltd,Dedicated to the research and development of healthy wear、production、sales、And training services, etc。The company has a research and development center for healthy functional raw materials、Health Shape Design R&D Center、Health wear production base。Scientific positioning of health preservation、A unique functional fabric with traditional Chinese medicine physical elements,Bringing the comfort and health benefits of the material to an industry-leading level,Enabling the lingerie industry to truly enter the era of healthy wear。 Product launch to date,Won a good industry reputation in terms of wearing experience and health benefits,Established“Healthy Wearing、Noble Nature。Perfect taste”Quality and personality。at present,Already owned nationwide3ten thousand+Partner of high-end beauty and health clubs。

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