Tang BeijianTBSC2208Women's Black Blue37code

Tang BeijianTBSC2208Women's Black Blue37code Explosives 37

Standard code,Spring, summer, and autumn styles,Upper widening and thickening,Hollow out, refreshing and breathable,Convenient rotating button without binding,Anti slip and wear-resistant sole,Using rubber patches+MDGreat solesTBSC2208

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$ 172.83


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$ 4.32
Optional specifications

The upper of the shoe adopts a breathable fly woven anti splash upper,Water does not enter Loose design of shoe last, widened and thickened,Designed to protect diabetes feet The shoelaces are designed with elastic straps,Elastic,Butler's foot surface The interior adopts seamless connection technology,Cloth surface four sided bullet,Not grinding feet,Skin friendly, breathable and comfortable The insole adopts imported BASF polyether traditional Chinese medicine foaming process, Simultaneously containing18Planting Chinese herbal formula,Effective anti-inflammatory effect,sterilization,Deodorization,Eliminating odor and other effects, Maintain a clean and sterile environment inside the shoes。 Based on ergonomics and big data analysis of foot shape,For diabetes Changes of foot shape for diabetics,Different positions of the foot base plate are designed differently The position of Yongquan acupoint is treated with magnetic moxibustion and sugar melting magnetic plates, Stimulation through magnetic moxibustion and sugar melting massage at Yongquan acupoint,Unblock blood stasis,Provides good health benefits for peripheral blood vessels and nerves It can correct and improve the foot arch of patients with diabetes foot Health care for every one‮Foot double‬Not accepted‮Extrinsic meaning‬Stabbing injury Breathable, sweat absorbing, antibacterial and anti bacterial removal‮The stench of‬Traditional Chinese Medicine Magnetism‮Dispel guilt‬Sugar insole ,light‮Ha Song‬Protect you‮Double‬foot

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