C775Women's Massage Master Shoes Light Black40code

C775Women's Massage Master Shoes Light Black40code Explosives 40

Standard code,Magnetic vibration massage sports shoes,Flyknit upper,High elasticityMD+Anti slip film,C775Female massage master

Sales Price
$ 118.03
Contribution value
$ 2.95
Optional specifications
  • Place of Origin: Chinese Mainland
  • function: waterproof
  • City: Quanzhou City
  • Whether it is the same in the mall: no
  • province: Fujian Province
  • Classification of sports shoes: Casual shoes
  • intended for: pupil
  • Applicable season: spring and autumn
  • Applicable age: Full phase
  • Applicable gender: Unisex
  • Leather material: other/other
  • Sole function: non-slip,waterproof
  • Sole Material : EVA
  • Upper material : synthetic leather

Massage Master Series Shoe Pulse Massage+Magnetic therapy vibration massage

There are eight modes of pulse massage,

Left low-frequency mode

Right mid frequency mode

1Hammer mode

2Massage mode

3Massage mode

4Slimming mode

5Acupuncture and moxibustion mode

6Scraping mode

7Cupping mode

8Loop mode

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